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Ars Italica Sevruga Royal

Sevruga Caviar

From 92,00



Diameter Ø: medium, 2.3mm / 2.5mm

Color: from anthracite gray to gray

Texture: silky, quite consistent

Character: distinctive, full taste

Aromatic notes: sea water, aromatic, tannin


Ars Italica Sevruga Royal is a caviar Sevruga obtained exclusively from the eggs of the pure Acipenser stellatus star sturgeon, a small sturgeon that rarely exceeds 25 kg in weight, fragile and delicate to breed. It is a kind of caviar with a strong personality, it has a unique and distinctive taste, it is usually the favorite of caviar experts and connoisseurs, a full and intense flavor that releases a light aroma and a persistent marine fragrance.

The color of the pearls is characterized by a translucent reflection of silver with tones ranging from anthracite gray to gray. It is of medium size (2.3 mm / 2.5 mm), the texture is reminiscent of silk, resistant but delicate.

Shelf life: 90 days