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Ars Italica Da Vinci Royal

Adriatic Sturgeon Caviar

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Species: Acipenser naccarii

Diameter Ø: medium, 2.3/2.7 mm

Color:varies from dark brown to black

Texture: smooth and balanced

Character: bold flavors of the sea

Aromatic notes: iodine, oyster, seaweed, fresh fish


Da Vinci is a caviar extracted from the Adriatic sturgeon, the only spieces of the three originally from Italy and still present in the region. It is found in the Adriatic sea and in the largest rivers of the Padano-Veneto region, as well as in Dalmatia and Western Greece. This bold caviar, has an iodized note, which is reminiscent of the sea. With a particularly luxurious consistency and medium brown to black colored roe.
Suggested pairing: Brut champagne or dry white, minerally driven wines and vodka.
The time required to harvest the best caviar from this species is 10 years.

Shelf Life: 90days