Caviale calvisius su ghiaccio

The Use of Caviar in the Kitchen

The first rule to be observed for the correct use of caviar in cooking is the maintenance of the cold chain.
Fresh, unpasteurised caviar is a delicate product and needs to be kept at temperatures between 0 and 4 degrees centigrade before serving.

When used in combination with other ingredients and preparations, it is important to serve on dishes that are at room temperature or lukewarm, otherwise the heat would cook the roe, which would then lose most of its aromatic and organoleptic qualities.
Since Calvisius caviar is unpasteurised and Malossol, it retains the more complex aromas, typical of the species of origin, each with its own characteristics.

Serving on top of soft foods, rather than crunchy ones, is preferred. Caviar is excellent with stracciatella, fish carpaccio, pasta and starches in general.

But caviar also pairs well with sweet treats: try it with white chocolate or ice cream.

Foods with excessively pungent, strong and intrusive aromas, should be avoided, as they reduce the aromatic spectrum of the caviar.
Today we think of an Italian caviar tradition, where the precious roe is much less salty than the traditional Russian variety, and therefore needs to be paired with other ingredients, other elements in order to be enjoyed at its best. For example, Calvisius caviar with sour cream does not give the same result as pairing it with stracciatella. The sour cream is excessively acidic, hiding the fragrance of Calvisius caviar, while with its sweet, sophisticated notes, stracciatella blends perfectly, enhancing the fine aromatic notes of the caviar.

Some rules are set in stone while others are more flexible, like with pairings: taste is personal, individual, so enjoy caviar with what you like best!

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