abbinamento di caviale e gelato: insolito e buonissimo

5 Unusual Pairings

Caviar gives the perception of being a product crystallised in time, always following the same traditional recipes; but being part of gastronomic culture, caviar is also subject to influences, contaminations and evolutions in its use as well as in its pairings.

While in Russian tradition, caviar was heavily salted and justified pairing with sour cream, onion, lemon and vodka; we then move on to the Italian tradition of caviar, less salty and therefore more sophisticated, pairing well with stracciatella, pasta, fish and high quality sparkling wine.

Ever thought about pairing caviar with ice cream or tropical fruit?


Here are 5 unusual pairings to leave your guests speechless!

  • Ice cream
  • Meat (beef or veal tartare; wagyu)
  • Maritozzo buns (both sweet or savoury)
  • White chocolate
  • Mango
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