caviale nigiri gambero e bollicine

Caviar and Sparkling Wine

In Russia and the Caspian Basin, caviar was traditionally paired with vodka to tone down its strong aromas. As seen in previous articles, a long time ago, caviar used to have a lot of salt added to it to allow it to be stored for a long time, which made it too strong, and so needed to be balanced with products such as vodka, onion or lemon juice.
Today, Calvisius Caviar is usually paired with sparkling wine, brut or satèn to enhance the unique taste of the Malossol caviar, full and sophisticated, where every note is perceived harmoniously.

Calvisius Caviar is Malossol i.e. with little salt, and this technique produces a caviar with authentic aromas, not overly salty and never intrusive. This is a contrast to traditional Russian caviar, where food and drink pairings are used to ‘cleanse’ the mouth of the excessive aromas of these very salty caviar.

We recommend pairing our pure Malossol product with dry sparkling wine, such as Brut or Extra Brut. This promotes the flow of aromas and blends its own aromatic complexity with that of the caviar, often to surprising effect.

Wines from Franciacorta to Trento Doc, as well as champagne, gracefully accompany the caviar, enhancing its complex aromatic notes with their fine perlage and delicate notes of bread.
Did you know that Sake also pairs very well with Calvisius Caviar?

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