caviar bump

The Caviar Bump

The caviar bump has quickly become a fashionable trend in caviar tasting, but it is not a modern technique!

As far back as several centuries ago, caviar was tasted by traders right on their hand, in the hollow between the forefinger and thumb, but for another reason.
This meant only one spoon needed to be used, and once placed on the hand, body heat begins to warm the roe, releasing the aromatic molecules, which are easier for the nose to perceive.

This was how the quality of caviar was ascertained, because reheating it emphasised any off-flavours, whether related to hasty production, over-salting or poor storage. In fact, if caviar had a strong, invasive smell, it would have been discarded directly.

Today, the caviar bump is a practice that is used to taste caviar and has caught on in global gastronomic culture. It is no longer used as a check on product quality, because thanks to modern technology and knowledge, there is more control over the quality of the final product. The temperature rule also applies here: once the caviar has been placed on the hand, you should not wait for the hand to warm the caviar, but rather taste it immediately in order to keep all the characteristics and aromatic nuances of the caviar intact.


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