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Smoked Fish Kit (4)

A selection of fine Calvisius smoked fish: Red King Salmon (3 x 100 g boxes), Acquaroli Sturgeon (3 x 80 g boxes).

The Calvisius Smoked Fish Kit contains everything you require to prepare delicious appetisers or gourmet first courses; also ideal to savour in their purest form, accompanied by a crunchy crouton.

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Red King Salmon
A noble fish that is native to the North American Pacific coast, farmed in cold, clean waters for almost three years.

Calvisius’quest for excellence and highest standards can be tasted in this top quality Red King salmon that is slowly smoked using fine beech wood and lightly salted.

This tender orange-fleshed fish has an extremely delicate taste with a buttery texture typical of King Salmons.

Smoked Sturgeon

The origins of this ancient and majestic fish have been talked about since the dawn of time. Known as the “caviar fish”, it was a culinary delight in the banquets of our Roman ancestors and highly regarded by the most demanding palates of Europe’s nobility.

Calvisius’s quest for excellence and highest standards can be tasted in this top-quality, lean and nutritious sturgeon. It will make any smoked fish recipe a memorable one.