Tartar of Zucchini and their Blossoms with Sturgeon and Caviar

Ingredients for 4 persons:
  • 4 teaspoons of Calvisius Tradition Royal Caviar
  • 6 fresh small zucchini with their blossoms
  • 10 thin slices of sashimi sturgeon
  • Extra virgin olive oil from Liguria
  • White pepper
  • Celtic grey sea salt

Peel the zucchini, detach the blossoms and put them on the side. Dice the zucchini and 4 blossoms into very small cubes, then cut the remaining blossoms into thin slices.
Dice two slices of sturgeon, mix it with the vegetables and dress with a tablespoon of olive oil, ground pepper and a pinch of salt.
Divide the tartar in 4 presentation rings, consolidate with a teaspoon and take off the ring.
Top with sturgeon and the blossoms previously kept on the side, dress with a pinch of salt and finish up the dish with a teaspoonful of caviar.

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