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Kit Pic-Nic Gourmet

For an extraordinary gourmet picnic, Calvisius offers an excellent selection: Tradition Caviar, Cantabrian Anchovies, Tuna Belly, Prized Sardines And Mini Blini.
In the pack, you will also find the exclusive Calvisius cooler bag and picnic rug.

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Calvisius Tradition Caviar comes from the White Sturgeon. The taste of this caviar is perfectly balanced, with its characteristic delicate nuances of the sea.
Suggested pairings: Brut or Satén Bubbles (Franciacorta, Champagne)

Cantabrian Anchovies 78g
Only the best Cantabrian anchovies of superior quality from the “Engraulis encrasicholus” species become Calvisius: fished only in spring and processed by hand.

Tuna Belly 260g
The belly is the finest and tastiest part of the tuna: a noble product, processed according to ancient traditional techniques and appreciated by the most sophisticated palates.

Sardines 118g
Calvisius sardines, from the prized Pilchardus species, are processed and cleaned by hand following the traditional technique. Small, with a pleasant, meaty consistency, they stand out thanks to their clean, intense flavour, characteristic of the best oily fish.