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Calvisius Unico

White sturgeon caviar

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Diameter Ø: large, over 3.5 mm

Colour: black, ebony

Aromatic notes: with a challenging, incredibly pleasant taste

Texture: enveloping


Calvisius Unico caviar is obtained from the white sturgeon, a species native to the Pacific Ocean and distributed from Alaska to Baja California. It is one of the longest-living sturgeons. It can reach one hundred years of age, 800 kg in weight and up to 6 m in length. Its particularly large eggs, measuring over 3.5 millimetres, are characterised by a very dark colour. The taste of its caviar is perfectly balanced with affable, enveloping marine notes.
A caviar to be enjoyed with a meal or as a surprising accompaniment to an aperitif, paired for example with a gin and tonic or vodka and tonic.
It takes about 12 – 14 years to obtain this caviar.

Shelf life: 90 days