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Lo chef stefano cerveni del ristorante due colombe

Stefano Cerveni


Due Colombe

Via Foresti, 13 - 25040 Borgonato di Corte Franca (BS) | Italy


Due Colombe al Borgo Antico is a restaurant located in the heart of Franciacorta, in a recently renovated ancient hamlet.
The ambience, the atmosphere and the menus themselves have one thing in common, namely bringing tradition and modernity together.
Chef Stefano Cerveni’s gastronomic offerings range from traditional recipes from the Franciacorta area and family dishes to new modern and creative inspirations.

“I would like the passion, dedication and commitment I put into my work to be tangible, perceptible ingredients for customers. I would like customers to be able to enjoy the pleasure of food cooked in a relaxed environment where they can feel at home, among friends, but without ever sacrificing top level service from our staff and the absolute quality of the raw ingredients we use in the kitchen.”

patata rape enoki e caviale
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