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Oscar Mazzoleni


Al Carroponte

Via Edmondo De Amicis, 4 – 24127 Bergamo (BG) | Italy


Al Carroponte is a versatile venue, an informal wine shop, bar, bistro and restaurant at the same time. Several souls, divided into different environments, with a varied offer available over extensive opening hours, from lunch to beyond midnight, for informal happy hours, business or à la carte lunches, mouth-watering dinners or tasty after-dinner drinks. Its forte is its wine list, which stands out in terms of range and quality, with more than 2,500 offerings, carefully selected by owner and maître Oscar Mazzoleni together with the creative cuisine of Chef Mauro Boroni.

“For us, Oscar Mazzoleni, maître at Al Carroponte, represents one of the most brilliant examples in the Italian restaurant world,” says Stefano Bottoli, sales director for Calvisius Caviar. “His incredible gastronomic verve is matched by an extraordinary sensory ability.

Over the years, these skills have been refined, like a good wine, establishing Al Carroponte as a reference point for all gourmands with a taste for innovation and delicious menus. The appointment as Calvisius Ambassador therefore represents the natural crowning achievement between the best production of ‘Made in Italy’ and one of the best interpretations of it.”

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