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Gilles Reinhardt & Olivier Couvin


Restaurant Paul Bocuse

40 Quai de la plage 69660 - Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or Lyon | France


Chef Reinhardt’s passion for cooking dates back to when he was around six years old.

He and his mother would come up with the family menus together and, of course, when it came to choosing what he would do with his life professionally, he chose the prestigious school specialising in hospitality in Strasbourg. After finishing his studies, he joined ‘Le Fer Rouge’, a Michelin-starred restaurant in his native Alsace region.

He set his sights on entering the world of haute cuisine. His determination and brilliant career brought him to the Paul Bocuse restaurant. He then continued to participate in various cooking competitions to acquire new skills and experience.

In 2004, he won the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) medal aged just 28, a source of great satisfaction for the chef as well as for his mentors.

The rest of his journey was crowned with success. In 2015, he became Executive Chef at the Paul Bocuse restaurant, his simple goal being to ‘settle for the best’.

Chef Olivier Couvin began his journey into the world of catering at the age of 17 in Poligny, gaining culinary training qualifications with distinction.

Guided by a strong sense of discipline and always meticulous, after his military service, Chef Couvin worked at ‘Col de Maval’, a restaurant where Chef Paul Bocuse, the father of modern French cuisine, had started out. In 2001, he submitted his application to the Paul Bocuse group, and after being accepted, he started working in Burgundy to gain experience. Two years later, he joined the team at the Paul Bocuse restaurant in Collonges, Lyon. In 2015, two editions after the first, Chef Couvin won the competition that earned him the prestigious tunic of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, a source of great pride for the chef and for the Paul Bocuse restaurant. It was a great emotion for Chef Couvin, who felt he was paying back the epitome of French cuisine, Chef Paul Bocuse.

Today, Chef Couvin is part of the team of head chefs at the Paul Bocuse restaurant in Lyon, with the aim of passing on Bocuse’s teachings, linked to new techniques combined with traditional preparations, to the next generation, always seeking to improve.

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