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Alberto Riboldi - Chef

Alberto Riboldi


Castello Malvezzi

Via Colle San Giuseppe, 1 - 25123 Brescia (BS) | Italy


Alberto began his career at Castello Malvezzi in 1988. His desire to learn led him to gain work experience in some of the best restaurants in Brescia, as well as in the USA and Switzerland. Twenty years later, he felt the call of the castle and returned as chef, becoming sole owner of the restaurant in 2017. His is a cuisine which, while innovative, is rooted in tradition. Technology is a means to turn it into something living and unexpected.

The Castello Malvezzi restaurant thus becomes an ambassador of the finest expression of Italian cuisine in the world.

The Restaurant

Modern-style cuisine that alternates between fish and more regional, therefore mainly meat-based, recipes and pays special attention to the excellent Calvisius caviar from Calvisano. All served within the frescoed walls of a sophisticated 16th-century hunting lodge with a beautiful summer terrace overlooking the city.

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