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Caviar & Chocolate

Calvisius Caviar and Cecilia Rabassi's Dark Chocolate join together in a harmonious dance, a sensory embrace between two elements that have never before been combined in this way. Use the small chocolate paddle to replace the spoon, and enjoy an unexpected pairing.

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A romantic and intimate combination, perfect for Valentine’s Day or a special occasion. The Caviar & Chocolate gift box contains 30 grams of exquisite Calvisius Tradition Royal Caviar and 6 dark chocolate paddles to be savoured together for a unique taste experience.

No one, until now, has ever created a dark chocolate that complements the flavour of caviar.


A caviar extracted from the White Sturgeon, a native species of the Pacific Ocean found in the North American West coast, from Alaska to Southern California.
The taste of this caviar is perfectly balanced with round notes, combining delicate nuances of the sea with light, buttery flavors of pastry. This caviar attracts the most discerning palates from any age or culture.
To truly appreciate its nature, enjoy it simply by itself or as part of an exciting tasting with other styles of caviar. Best when paired with a Brut (dry) or silky sparkling wine.
The time required to harvest this caviar is approximately 14 to 15 years.

Shelf Life: 90days


Fragrant, delicate on the palate, and never acidic, with strong notes of hazelnut and toasted malt.
A chocolate created to delight connoisseurs of classic dark chocolate.
A blend with a minimum content of 70% cocoa.

Shelf Life: 18 months