Calvisius, the largest producer of sustainable caviar and unique genetic reserve of sturgeons, opens its door to the public for the very first time.
An incredibile journey to discover the life cycle of sturgeons, the picturesque springs, the instructional aquarium and the ancient Malossol salting method.

Guided tours with caviar tasting

Four tour packages include a visit and tasting at the most renowned restaurants in the area. A unique chance to learn and witness the process that brings to the table one on the most desired delicacies in the world.
Following the visit, excellent caviar can be tasted at Al Gambero or Al Fiamma Cremisi restaurants in Calvisano, both selected by the Michelin guide 2015, the first awarded with a star.

Availability request

Guided tours and tastings every Tuesdays and Saturdays starting at 11 am.
Packages starting at Euro 55.
For information on packages prices, reservations and more details: - +39 030 96 86 991

Hospitality programme will recommence in May due to extraction process.