Our main caviar brand, Ars Italica, is best known as Calvisius' trademark line. It is also considered among the finest in the world. Our experienced staff...
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The Company

The company

Calvisius is a registered trademark of Agro Ittica Lombarda -- a leader in the production and distribution of caviar. It owns the largest sturgeons farm in...
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Ricette Calvisius


Search among our caviar recipes and start cooking with Calvisius! Enjoy its taste at any time and place!
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Calvisius caviar

Calvisius caviar: discover our special eShop

Calvisius' caviar trading and production reflects our commitment to treat customers with only the best products from our stock. Over 60 acres of acquaculture vats are supplied by the finest sturgeon farms. Ours is one of the most renowned Italian roe processing and distribution brands in the world due to our great quality, decades-long experience and genuine passion for this ancient craft. Calvisius gives utmost attention to every single detail, from ensuring sturgeons are breeding in compliance with current environmental regulations, to the strictly traditional packaging caviar is put in. For more information on Calvisius fine caviar trading and the varieties we sell, including regular, smoked and black, please click here.